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Eric Hesch on Dealing With Hemorrhoidal Banding

Eric Hesch has experience with hemorrhoidal banding, and the conditions that make it a necessary practice. Problems concerning hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable and quite painful. This particular procedure is done to deal with an internal hemorrhoid, which can be particularly tricky in dealing with. Patients experiencing this kind of ailment are advised to seek treatment sooner, rather than later. Complications can arise if a person waits too long, and the problem can become much worse. This is why medical treatment is important as soon as possible.

The procedure itself is relatively simple, and usually not too uncomfortable for the patient. It is used to treat a hemorrhoid by tying off its base with rubber bands, which cuts off blood flow. This causes the hemorrhoid to gradually shrink, and eventually die after some time. Once the hemorrhoid is dead, it will fall off, and leave a scar to keep in the veins. A doctor uses an instrument called an anoscope to allow the rubber bands to be put on. This procedure is simple enough to be done right in the doctor’s office.

Eric Hesch has advised patients to notify the doctor if they feel uncomfortable or in pain. The rubber bands can be adjusted to ensure the patient is comfortable. On top of this, it is best for patients to seek treatment for hemorrhoids before they become a more serious and painful problem. This is a widely accepted idea for essentially any ailment, as treatment can be more effective sooner, instead of later.

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